Patrick Mackenzie Made to Measure is an exclusive and personalised experience combining the epitome of one on one design consultation to create a garment honouring the finest traditions of men’s tailoring with a distinctive modern aesthetic. Patrick Mackenzie has a determination to deliver synergistic quality, craftsmanship and style to its clients, Built on the premise that traditional classic silhouettes combined with a designer’s eye will deliver a truly personal and memorable experience, Patrick Mackenzie delivers a harmonious melding of modernity and old world sophistication.

Coming to a uniquely fitted and designed garment requires an overall style in mind with a thorough understanding of construction and fit. All our garments are expertly constructed by a team of experienced tailors which requires hundreds of different steps. Our service allows you to have complete freedom in designing a garment that reflects your individual style, a style which will be discovered in consultation with the designer himself. The depth of design options available comes from the extensive range of world class fabrics, sourced from the finest mills, buttons fashioned from the best raw materials available and innovative and comfortable linings.

Our garments bring together a multitude of different features. Our fabrics including cottons, linens and wool are woven in the most reputable mills in Italy, Our buttons, zips and trimmings are sourced from the best manufacturers in France, Germany and other European countries, their style and eye for detail helps create something of timeless sophistication for you, All this melds together during the consultative design process; with your style choices combined with your fit measurements our tailors will begin work on your pattern and will start construction in our workshop north of Shanghai.

Our service is designed to be freeing and simple, in a beautiful heritage building in Brisbane City our consulting studio is comfortable, private and personal. Our consultations are designed to be obligation free and uplifting, and it is the first step to creating a Patrick Mackenzie garment we are proud to dress you in.



The Patrick Mackenzie House Style could be described as taking from the English School of men’s tailoring but with a French aesthetic of simplicity and elegance. We believe in the quality of all the pieces that make up a suit, and although there are endless ways in order to show one’s style and personality, our house style reflects the need to edit and be concise in the image one portrays, Our suits are proud, our construction is soft and comfortable, our fabrics are luxurious and our style is minimalistic which pays respect to the traditions of mens tailoring throughout the years.




Having a suit you love starts with your ideal fit. In order to create it we need to measure and size you during a 1 hour consultation, During your fitting you can discuss your preferences and ask any questions with the designer himself to put your own personal stamp on the garment which delivers a balanced and distinct look.


With our impressive collection of the world’s finest fabrics, linings, buttons and canvas you will easily be able to imagine a uniquely personal garment. You will be guided through every step to ensure your suit is stylish, practical and appropriate. In order to get there you will be asked a range of questions to ensure you arrive at the best possible suit.

You will be shown appropriate fabrics based on your requirements from our consultation. These fabrics have been sourced from the best mills in the world, so you can’t make a wrong choice.

  • Guided through range of 4,000 fabrics in stock from mills including Vitale Barberis Canonico, Loro Piana, Holland and Sherry and many more.

  • Your measurements are taken in two ways, a pre made fit block and specific measurements for more precise details using a tape measure. with both methods we arrive at the ideal proportion, drape and balance.

  • Discuss design particulars such as lapels, pockets, buttons etc and determine the appropriate design elements for the desired results.

This consultation takes place in our comfortable and private suite in Brisbane City. We have a comfortable and sophisticated space where you can relax, enjoy a drink and discuss your ideal suit, From this appointment to your second fitting and collection you should allow 4 to 6 weeks but we aim for less.


With your style choices combined with your fit measurements, our tailors will begin work on your pattern and will start work immediately making your new suit. When the suit arrives between 4 and 6 weeks, you will be contacted to arrange a second fitting where any small adjustments are done efficiently at no charge to deliver you a flawless result.

When your suit arrives we will take note of any final adjustments and add this to your pattern. This means the process of re-ordering another suit, trousers or sport coats later becomes much simpler.

At the final fitting we will:

  • Show you through the fine craftsmanship that distinguishes your suit

  • Pin and measure for any final adjustments have these done within 72 hours by our tailors

    From here we will invite you back to try on your new suit for a final fitting, Patrick Mackenzie will offer personalised advice on styling and suit care.


Once we have your measurements and understand your personal style, creating a wardrobe or preparing you for a major event is easier than ever. Please remember to factor in occasional time delays when requesting specific fabrics for special events.

Appointments can be booked on the "Book Appointment" Link above for our Brisbane showroom

Alternatively, our customer service team can be reached on
info@patrickmackenzie.com.au or 0468749695 if you cannot find your
preferred time or you’d like to discuss your requirements further.