Fine wool fabrics need some time to rest. We suggest not wearing day after day rather have a number of suits on rotation in your wardrobe. You may also consider purchasing a second trouser to extend your suits life. We are hardest on our trousers, and trouser s take the brunt of our day to day wear, resting is important to ensure their shape and integrity Is maintained.


With every suit we will provide a specific wooden hanger for your garment and we suggest only using this hanger. For jackets, the hanger is specially shaped to resemble the contours of a man’s shoulders. This keeps the jacket in shape. Likewise for trousers, the crease at the front of the trousers is best kept by folding them over a hanger with the buttons and zip undone. We suggest not leaving your garments in direct sunlight, in your car’s back seat for example.


Our suits and jackets are made from beautiful, fine wools and linens, a car’s seatbelt rubbing across the jacket is not ideal and may cause premiture wear and shine. We recommend taking off your jacket when entering the care, it will prevent creasing and rubbing and will keep the shape of the jacket in tact. Use our wooden hanger on the coat hanger hook on your rear passenger seat handle.


Creating a luxurious and lightweight garment means we must use fine and lightweight fabrics, during your consultation we will discuss what fabric weights and compositions are best for your intended purposes. We want you to enjoy your suit for as long as possible so if you’re needing a work suit for everyday wear we will suggest fabrics that will meet that need. We ask you give us as much information about where and when and how often you will be wearing your suit, generally if suits aren’t taken care of, or are too light for their use, it can be very difficult to repair garments that have been excessively worn.


If suits are being worn as they are intended, once a twice a week then we suggest only visiting your dry cleaner once or twice a year. Generally most people visit the dry cleaner because it has lost its shape because of improper hanging, or because of spillage. You will be advised on the best suit care methods based on the cloth you buy. Our cloths are luxurious natural fabrics that respond in a natural way, for example, fine wool will benefit from a gentle steam in a bathroom, the steam will refresh the fabric without damaging it.In the case of spillage, generally a damp cloth with a gentle dabbing action will remove most spills, but if unsure please ask us, usually a dry clean after a small spill is excessive and unnecessary, you can alternatively ask your dry cleaner for a spot treatment. Dry cleaning can be a risky process if it isn’t done properly, we only recommend the best and you will be recommended a dry cleaner close to you, or alternatively you can take advantage of our excellent after-sale service and leave it to us. Our dry cleaners take care to protect buttons and zips to avoid damage from the harsh chemicals used in the process, dry cleaning sparingly is advised because wool, linen and silk is far less resilient than horn or shell.


Like a seat belt, rubbing from the strap of a bag, especially for those who travel often can cause serious damage to the shoulders and chest piece. We suggest investing in luggage that avoids shoulder straps.


The hem of your trousers has been expertly finished to ensure the stitching isn’t visible on the outside of the trousers, this is called a blind stitch and is one of the many fine details in your Patrick Mackenzie suit. The stitch is important because it is designed to, in the case of a catch, from your toe for example, the stitch will come apart first saving the fabric, this is a good thing. Although our stitching and seams are sturdy, this particular stitch of the trouser hem is designed specifically for this purpose. If your trousers hem comes undone, don’t stress its easily fixable. As with anything, prevention is the best cure, we suggest putting on your socks first before sliding your feet into the trousers.


Airports, sliding wardrobe doors and car doors all represent dangers for our fine horn or shell buttons to be damaged or broken, don’t worry! we will quickly and efficiently source replacements and have them expertly attached. We only use the best natural materials for our buttons, never plastic or cheap imitations.


Fabric and textured computer chairs or seats will kill your pants and even damage your jacket (especially pilling). its best to have a leather chair that doesn’t catch and connect with your trousers.


With any concerns or questions relating to suit care, please email or phone us, even send photos so we can advise the very best suit care options, your suit will give you many wears over a long period, if its taken care of properly.


There are generally two main reasons for a suit’s demise, one is the eventual rubbing and wear and tear of the trousers seat, and secondly is the fault of a dry cleaner. We have gone to great care to make sure you have to best advice on suit care so please read the advice above. In the first case, like all garments, your pants all eventually wear out, this will likely be the first place you notice the age of your suit. You will always be offered a second trouser, and when the pants eventually and inevitably wear out, please ask us if they can be replaced with a second pair. Patrick Mackenzie suits are made to a very high standard of craftsmanship and the fabrics used are only from the most reputable fabrics mills in the world, which test their fabrics to a very high standard. We believe in what we create but even the world’s best cannot compensate for behaviours that are clearly damaging to the fabric and we do not accept returns based on excessive wear, the damage caused by a dry cleaner that wasn’t recommended or anything unreasonable that ignores this time proven advice.